Travel Itinerary

A Typical week on the Chatham Islands Includes...

• An exclusive BBQ at ‘Admiral’s Farm’ – the homestead, stunning garden and endemic plant restoration nursery of Val Snr and Lois Croon 

• Tour to the incredible hexagonal shaped Basalt Columns  

• Visit Waitangi West

• Moriori Rock Carvings (Petroglyphs) 

• Visit Wharekauri, Splattered Rock (the amazing volcanic formation on the beach)  and Mt Chudleigh Reserve 

• Awatotara Reserve to see the Parea Wood Pigeon and endemic plants

• Owenga Harbour and Village

• Visit the statue of Tommy Solomon and Shelley Beach to look for shells

• Comb Blind Jims at Te Whanga Lagoon and search the shoreline for fossilised sharks’ teeth

• Spend a day at Kaingaroa via the Ocean Mail Wetlands Reserve 

• Hapupu National Reserve - Moriori Tree Carvings (Dendroglyphs)

• Walk to the only accessible seal colony

• Visit the site of Broughton Landing 1791 (early whaling village) 

• See the Sunderland Flying Boat which is being restored. 

• Visit Kopinga Marae* subject to covid restrictions.

• Kopi Farm

• Go Wild Honey Apiary 

• Cliff walk to Tikitiki Hill.  

• Town walk to include the Museum, Craft Shop, Waitangi Store 

• Henga Reserve Bush walk opportunities.

All these activities will help you appreciate the size, beauty and culture of the Chatham Islands. Most are weather dependent, will vary from day-to- day and subject to change! Every endeavour will be made to schedule all the activities. There are great photo opportunities