Chatham Islands

Chatham Islands - The way it used to be

Last Summer Departure with space available 30 March - 06 April 2024

The Chatham Islands are a special place to visit and lie 870 km east of the mainland and are 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time. The locals are genuine, friendly and welcoming. Their isolation; changeable, moody climate; and a history that goes back to the Moriori, gives them a strong community spirit, a sense of independence and self-sufficiency that allows them to be at ease with their lot.With the Black Robin now thriving (once the world’s rarest bird), the magnificent Chatham Island’s Forget-Me-Nots, hospitality, meals and opportunity to fish for cod – this is a place to visit before you die!

“More than met expectations. Absolutely loved it” – Jack & Anne

 “I enjoyed the opportunity to visit a very different part of New Zealand” – Graham & Kay

 “I really enjoyed the trip – both relaxing and active” – Margaret


10 Reasons to visit the Chatham Islands

  • An isolated and un-spoilt destination
  • Guided and informative, well-paced and organised daily tours
  • The knowledge, expertise and organisation of the guide
  • Taking the opportunity to visit nearby Pitt Island
  • Experiencing first-hand the contrasting landscapes and ever-changing scenery
  • Home of unique Chatham Islands birds and plants
  • Exploring the history and heritage of the Chatham Islands people
  • Fishing like it used to be
  • Enjoying local hospitality and an exclusive BBQ at the famous ‘Admiral Farm’
  • Walking on stunning, deserted beaches, watching seals and the ever-present Wekas