About Pukekohe Travel

At Pukekohe Travel we pride ourselves on providing you with your individual travel experience.  Established 42 years ago, we are owner-operated and have a team of highly experienced consultants. Since COVID we have retained a team of 11 and we have concentrated on creating and selling our extensive New Zealand based tours, coach and rail plus small ship cruising in New Zealand waters.As experienced consultants we will all be ready to resume our vast international individual and tours program as our bubble expands.

Our Charity Sponorship

 Pukekohe Travel makes an annual contribution which works to restore sight and end avoidable blindness in the Pacific where four out of five people   who are blind cannot afford treatment. We have been contributing to this worthy cause for over 20 years. 

 The HEART™ (Human Equine Assisted Reality Therapy) Programme is Natural Horsemanship for Children, it introduces children of all ages to horses and teaches them how to safely interact and create equine relationships. 

 Retail - Leisure

We have retained a team of highly experienced consultants and we have all concentrated on creating and selling an extensive range of New Zealand based tours, both coach and rail plus small ship cruising. 

As expereienced consultants they are ready to sell international travel as our bubble expands. 


Tours & Groups

  • Pukekohe Travel operates a year round programme to the Chatham Islands and these week-long, all-inclusive tours operate out of Auckland
  • We are now operating the extremely popular New Zealand Rail Tours programme throughout New Zealand. These popular rail excursions include Rail Tours to the South Island and the ever-popular Chateau Tongariro weekend.
  • We specialise in the unusual