Craig Boyt

Craig heads our busy Commercial / Leisure departments and personally works with a large number of long-standing business and leisure clients.

Craig's 25 years in travel; from working with Air New Zealand, his extensive personal travel and now as a consultant, plus his attention to detail, gives him an ideal background to assist others with their travel plans.

Gone is the exuberance of youth where Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, mountain biking in Bolivia, sampling the delights at the Munich Beer Festival and a 10 week camping safari through seven Southern African countries were top of his off the beaten track experiences.
However he probably could be persuaded to try them again if he is allowed.

He has visited some interesting locations with Namibia, Serengeti National Park, Okavango Delta in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Southern Africa, Patagonia in South America and experiencing living in UK among the highlights.
He is passionate about sport especially cycling, having competed in longer cycle events such as Round Taupo, Mt Taranaki and other shorter rides and still has an ambition to turn his pedals in France following the Tour de France.

However fatherhood and moving to a small country holding has given him a different perspective to life and he and Lee are enjoying their parental responsibility in the form of young George, Charlotte and Emelie. All go!

Philosophy on Life "Always try to put yourself in the other persons shoes"