Dave Hunt

Tour Escort

dave@pukekohetravel.nz +64 9 237 0013
Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt came to Pukekohe Travel on his return from a ‘senior’ OE to UK and Europe. 
That was 12 years ago and he loves all that travel brings.
Meeting people from different cultures and learning their history all make travel something special.
He treats all tours (large or small) as an adventure and loves the unexpected!
“Sometimes one has to think and react very quickly.”
Dave has escorted tours to Southern Africa, Cuba, Scandinavia, Croatia, Vietnam, UK, a cruise around NZ plus many tours throughout New Zealand, including the South Island Autumn and Spring Rail Tours.
Dave's life experiences include being a Deputy Principal, owning a sports shop, being Secretary Manager for the Counties Rugby Union, working as a journalist in a local newspaper and working and living in a Cornish castle.
Refereeing 1st Class rugby, playing representative cricket, cycling in UK, Europe and New Zealand and playing golf badly, are all part of the present and days gone by