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Top Tips for Cruising

  1. Don't take coat hangers, if you need more, contact housekeeping.

  2. If you do not like your dinner companions, a discreet talk to your maitre d' will sort

  3. Breakfast and lunch in the main dining rooms is open seating - quieter and more leisurley with new people

  4. If what you order isn't to your liking, ask for another choice

  5. Compain to the correct department - not your fellow passengers

  6. Most tips are auto charged to your account but they can be reversed if you prefer to leave direct to cabin steward etc

  7. Read the ships daily newsletter, there is a wealth of information

  8. Double beds can be made to singles or vice versa within minutes

  9. Shore excursions - can add to your experience, short lectures pre-tour can add to your experience

  10. If doing your own excursion, remember ship won't wait - catching up to the ship can be expensive

  11. Spa, massage, hair and beauty are expensive compared to onshore.  Therapists work on commission , tell them at the begining of your treatment that you are not interested in buying products - you will enjoy the treatment more

  12. Don't travel with lots of books, ships always have well equipped libraries on board


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About Us
Pukekohe Travel is an independently-owned and operated New Zealand travel company established in 1978

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